Are you interested in supporting parents and families with children in care?

What training will I receive?

  • Peer Advocates are required to complete the Red Cross and Parents Families Advocacy Services induction training
  • Peer Advocates will receive training in several key areas that underpin their work such as, Effective Communications and Case Notes.
  • Ongoing support and supervision from Program Coordinators
  • The opportunity to further develop and/or build your current skills

What will I do as a trained Peer Advocate with the Parents and Families Advocacy Service?

  • Support parents and families working with Child Safety Service
  • Work on community projects
  • Represent the Parents Families Advocacy Service at Community Forums and events
  • Attend training and information sessions that build on your skills and knowledge
  • Maintain relevant records

How long does it take to complete the training?

Where possible all Peer Advocates have completed their training within six months. We will work with you to assess your current skills and link you with appropriate training, mentoring and support within the service.

Do I get paid?

No. Peer Advocates volunteer their time and skills in support of the Parents and Families Advocacy Service.
Contact us to find out more about volunteering as a Peer Advocate with the Parents and Families Advocacy Service.

Australian Red Cross is always looking for volunteers across a range of programs.

For other volunteering opportunities within Red Cross call or look on the Australian Red Cross website.

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