You and the Child Safety Service

Do you have children in care or, at risk of being placed into care as a result of a Child Safety Service’s intervention?

The Parents and Families Advocacy Service (PFAS) is a free Peer Advocacy service offered to all eligible parents and families who are involved with the Child Safety Service in Southern Tasmania.

Funded by the Tasmanian Government through the Department of Health and Human Services, delivered by the Australian Red Cross, the Parents and Families Advocacy Service will work with you to develop the skills and knowledge needed to advocate more effectively for your family.

The Parents and Families Advocacy Service:

  • Supports parents, families and other care givers
  • Provides information about the Child Safety process
  • Links parents and families with targeted services and support
  • Listens to and guides families to identify and work toward achievable outcomes.
  • Support parents, families or other care givers communicate with Child Safety Service

The Parents and Families Advocacy Service DOES NOT:

  • Have any influence over decisions made by the Courts
  • Have any influence over decisions by Child Safety Service
  • Act on your behalf in relation to Family Court of Australia matters
  • Provide legal advice or direction
  • Provide counselling services

How We Help

We work with parents and families involved with Child Safety Services in the south of Tasmania.

Become a Peer Advocate

Would you like to support parents and families with children in care?

Contact & Resources

Contacts and links that might be helpful if you find your self involved with Child Safety Services.