ThaiCraft Association

The ThaiCraft Association is a non- profit organisation whose objectives are to provide sustainable income for village artisans whilst preserving the diverse craft traditions of Thailand.

Since ThaiCraft was established in 1992, more than 80 producer groups have been assisted in the production and marketing of their craft.

Many diverse groups from the hilltribe minorities in the north, to rice paddy workers living in isolated areas and fishing communities in the deep south, have been assisted by ThaiCraft.

ThaiCraft is a member of International Federation for Alternate Trade (IFAT) and abides by the principles of fair trade.

  • ensures a fair price paid to artisans
  • supports disadvantaged producers
  • has a concern for people and the environment
  • provides new market access to producer groups
  • strengthens artisans capacities to market their products
  • is transparent with producers and customers

Photo images and text courtesy of Siham Craftlink Pty Ltd