Heed Handicrafts

Health, Education and Economic Development

HEED started cottage industries and a handicraft programme in Bangladesh in 1977.

HEED Handicrafts train and work directly with disadvantaged groups in Bangladesh.

These people include refugees, people with disabilities, and indigenous tribal groups.

The artisans by having markets for their craft are able to earn an income and regain their dignity and self esteem.

Today HEED is helping 11,500 artisans in 300  producer groups.

HEED Handicrafts upholds the ethics of fair trade.

Various social supports are provided to the producers. These include free medical services, design support and education.

There is yearly profit sharing between the artisans.

HEED also upholds other projects including family and community health, women empowerment and agricultural assistance.

A diverse range of craft is produced by the artisans in different villages and areas of  Bangladesh. The product range includes jute products, terracotta, bamboo, cane and grass products, handmade paper products and Nashi Kantha and embroidery products.


Text courtesy of Siham Craftlink Pty Ltd