ETHOS Fair Trade Gifts and Handicrafts is a family run business started by Kris Holland and her daughters, Kim and Sally, in 2007. Kris lived in various parts of South East Asia for ten years teaching and working with community health aid projects. This experience brought her face to face with third world poverty and how these communities were being marginalised, kept in poverty by unfair trade practices. After returning to Australia, Kris maintained close connections with Asia. A desire to help the people she met combined with a passion for Asian culture, became the inspiration behind ETHOS, providing a market for the unique hand crafted products produced by fair trade organisations and many of the craftspeople she personally knows. Since opening ETHOS has been able to extend and diversify its product range. We now include a large selection of multicultural toys and items for early childhood development.  We also stock eco-friendly cards, handmade paper products, handmade jewellery, ceramics and homewares, Putumayo world music and a selection of fairtrade certified coffee and tea.  Our range of ethical products  are sourced according to the fair trade principle of environmental sustainability. We are ETHOS has relocated from Cairns, (North Queensland),  to the Whitsundays, (Central Coast Queensland), and is now managed by Kris’s sister,  Jude Mitchelson. We welcome you to visit our store at Shop 1 / 121 Shute Harbour Road, Cannonvale, where you will find plenty of gift ideas for anniversary, wedding, engagement, mother’s day, father’s day, birthday’s. In fact there are many gift ideas for all occasions Enjoy a visual delight, a complimentary cuppa and a relax. If you have enquiries about any of our products, or,  if there is something that you would like that is not listed in our on-line product range, please contact us by phone or email and we will try to assist you.

What is Fair Trade all about?

Every day we buy and use products from all around the world but as the Association of Fair Trade states “Unfortunately unfair trade rules have been widely recognised as one of the major contributors to global poverty. . . “. Purchasing fair trade products gives us all the opportunity to buy ethically produced goods without exploitation of the producers. In other words, it’s about giving producers in developing countries better opportunities – a fair deal, including fairer trading terms, better working conditions, a safe working environment and ensuring that no child labour or exploitation is involved. Most customers want to know where the products that they buy come from and under what conditions they are made. Fair trade gives customers the confidence and assurance that the producers are paid a fair wage for the goods they produce which enables them to meet such basic needs as food, clothing, education, housing and healthcare for themselves and their families. ETHOS is a member of the Fair Trade Association of Australia & New Zealand. For more information about fair trade please visit www.fta.org.au and www.wfto.com